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WordPlay is a fiendish new puzzle game that
combines spelling with colour matching.

It's guaranteed to improve your spelling and drive
you nuts in equal measure!

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WordPlay features 4 unique game modes...

Classic Mode combines spelling with colour matching.

Spell words using the 10 random letters provided to
avoid adding too many letters to the tower.

At the same time destroy letters in the tower by colour
matching 3 or more blocks in a straight line.

Whatever you do, don't let the screen full up with letters!

In Tower Mode the aim is to build the tallest tower
possible by spelling words to add them to it.

Play solo and build the tallest tower you can before you run out of lives.

Or play the two player head-to-head version where the objective
is to reach the target height before your opponent does.

Destroy Mode sees you attempting to whittle the tower down to
nothing by spelling words.

This time you can use all of the letters in the tower!

This mode is time limited, so why not see how many letters
you can destroy before the time runs out?!

Classic+ Mode is a fiendish variation of Classic Mode.

It's the same game except with the added difficulty of
having all of your letters replaced after each turn.

Only the letters you've used are swapped for new ones, so
there's no more avoiding those pesky Qs and Zs!

WordPlay is out now for FREE! on iOS and Android.